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Kinga Łapot-Dzierwa, Friends

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Estimations: 1 795 - 2 244 EUR
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Oil, canvas, 69 x 50 cm

Signature on the reverse

Kinga's works attract attention with a particular technique and are surrounded by mystery. The artist does not use large formats, preferring to work in series, often developing triptychs. Techniques such as oil on canvas, collage and watercolor are her favorite media, with which she seeks the beauty of nature, capturing it in places where childhood memories and sensations wander. The artist's oil paintings are inspired by the theme of women, in which she seeks to portray the elegance and mystery of Venetian dancers. Her ballerinas are shown in moments of relaxation and appear to be immersed in melancholy or thoughtful, often gazing at the city skyline. The artist tries to convey through her works not only the romance and tenderness of the woman, but also her passion and love.

Applied with putty to the canvas, the bright oil color of the dress contrastingly emphasizes the fragility of the female body. Kinga's dancers seem to be waiting for someone as if they were dating some Casanova. The influence of Venice in these series can also be seen in the artist's color scheme of red and gold. Red being the color of the government of the Venetian dojas, and gold being the color of Byzantium, under whose rule the city was for centuries, emphasize the artist's connection to Venetian art (where she often resides).

For these series, the artist won the first Tamara Art Award, an international prize dedicated to the modern woman and a tribute to art deco artist Tamara de Lempicka, at the 2021 Florence Biennale.

Using a spatula of dense contrasting colors that look like layers of relief, with her art she evokes Marcus Aurelius' saying, which has become her motto) "you will have a life of the same color your thoughts will be."

Art Auction IX
03 December 2023 CET/Warsaw
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1 795 - 2 244 EUR
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Art Auction IX
03 December 2023 CET/Warsaw
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